I am a lover of the earth and have been a “water baby” all my life…

What has happened in the Gulf of Mexico and to our beaches as a result of the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon and the subsequent runaway oil well has sickened me and appalled me. Where I once ran the beach morning and night for exercise, I am now running it to expose the truth to the world about what is really going on with my pictures and videos, uploaded in real time from my iphone daily.

I am always looking for creatures in distress and was blessed to find a baby heron on the morning of June 26, 2010 and rescue him. That firmly secured in my soul that I must keep doing what I am doing no matter what.

I have met and and found so many new friends on this path. So many people have been so supportive in so many different ways. Each and every one of your messages has brought me courage and strength. The truth is what needs to be told. It’s here on my website you’ll find it.


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  1. Andre says:

    Keep up the good work Gregg. I am from Louisiana and spent many holidays in Destin, Ft. Walton, Orlando etc…. I am so disgusted to see what is happening to our Gulf and it’s inhabitants now.

  2. Marilynn says:

    Thank you for your diligence and courage. You are making enemies, but God is on your side.

  3. hang in there dude. don’t let the idiots get to you. I know it is tough work. I’ve been covering environmental injustice issues for 15 years. I’m trying to get to the Gulf to include in my larger documentary Dying for Profit. That is on my youtube page

    hope to be there soon.
    Tammy Cromer-Campbell

  4. Ann Canfield says:

    Gregg where are you? Are you coming back? You have done such good work, are you throwing in the towel now?

  5. Rico says:

    Gregg – I have been following your daily videos for months, checking daily. Telling people that have swallowed the “it’s all gone” story to view your work. But yesterday your YouTube account is gone. What happened? Did “they” get to you?

    Coincidently ? right after your Jeff Rense interview.

  6. Kind Island says:

    Greg I’m very honored to share your excellent work on saving our beaches.
    Your videos have now been seen around the world
    Many blessings to you and yours
    I’m poor or I would help support our cause.
    I get a wind fall I will send help your way

    I live off Gulf beach highway
    Thankyou for all you do for all.
    Robin aka Water aka kind Island

  7. I recently saw your video interview of the anonymous “beach cleanup whistle-blower”. Your YouTube channel was a remarkably good thing. People far away from the gulf coast need credible locals, like you, to help us see the truth. Please, get well and keep “fighting the good fight”. Peace, Larry

  8. Ted says:

    Did the Mossad kidnap you or something? Where in the hell have you been?

  9. Lark says:

    I have followed your videos and very much appreciated your reporting on the situation in Pensacola. You were one of the few individuals getting honest information out of the Gulf area. Your courage and willingness to speak truth to power says volumes about your character. Many people have expressed their sadness to see your channel is down. People across the Gulf applaud the attempt you made to break through the media blackout!

  10. Hi Brother
    I live near Pensacola,beach,This is my hometown.
    I wish you would put that video called the Truth back up.
    There calling the ruin of our once beautiful beaches a hoax,
    My families ashes are under the pier.
    BP will either clean it up or be no more .
    Check this out!!!!! The cover up continues!!!!!

    Purest love purest truth
    I don’t have a video camera but if a third party got a shovel and dug a few feet down
    and filmed.I will broadcast it as far as I can.

  11. Jean Bess says:

    Please don’t expose yourself to solvents anymore. You’ve done enough out there. You even interviewed a worker who found human body parts and the information you got out has been deleted from youtube.com and it was very important work, important information. I hope it can be put up again and I hope you will get away from the area and heal. It would be better if people evacuated out of the region to get away from the poisons. I am so sorry for your troubles and hope you will heal quickly. God Bless you and keep you. Jean.

  12. Ellen says:

    Just sent you a link to an article about the toxicity of the tar in Pensacola. I’ve no doubt the work you’ve been doing has helped make that happen. Good for you!

    Looks like things have changed- no pcolagregg.com anymore, I take it? So where are the links to the Rense interviews, the videos, etc.?

  13. Alan says:

    Why did you close your YouTube account?!? That was important evidence of the government and BP’s neglect.

  14. Jamie Lynn says:


    Where did you go. I cant find you on Facebook, Youtube or Twitter anymore…

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